Experienced teachers, experienced practitioners
Experienced teachers, experienced practitioners

Experienced teachers, experienced practitioners

We have collected many years of experience as software developers, CTOs, senior engineers where we have applied our knowledge in practice to dozens of different kinds of software projects ranging from videogames to websites and web applications.

At the same time we also collected quite some experience in the academic field: we both hold a Bachelor's, a Master's, and a PhD degree in Computer Science, and we have both been teaching at colleges and universities for many years.

We truly love programming, we love doing it in practice, we love studying it, and we love teaching it.


Hi! I'm Giuseppe. Born in Venice in 1985, I started programming videogames in C/C++ when I was 14. I fell totally in love with software development, but one thing was clear: writing code is tough!

After high school I wanted to learn from the people who know the real deal, and so I got a BSc, MSc, and even a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Venice and in collaboration with the University of Tilburg.

I have worked for about fifteen years as a university teacher, while also working as a software developer and consultants.

Seven years ago I started my exciting career as CTO of Hoppinger, managing software projects and a team of a few dozens developers.

Writing code comes as naturally to me as breathing, and I am comfortable in a variety of languages ranging from C# to Typescript, SQL, F#, Haskell, and many more.

I will be happy to show you all the secrets I have learned during my career as a researcher and engineer. Are you ready to get started?

Decades of passion for programming

Our Dev Academy is born out of this deep passion for programming, and we wanted to create something that would stand out from both online codeschools and traditional higher education institutions. We wanted to offer something with more foundational understanding than the typical codeschools, which we find quite “quick and dirty”, and so we made sure there is pleny of explanation of the underlying principles in our classes. We also wanted to offer something with more practical real-life applicability than typical universities and colleges, which we find too “theoretical”, and so we made sure that every single thing we show comes with code as well as real-life examples of how to use the concepts in a job-like context.

Ready to join?

We are very proud of the result, and we hope you will like it too!

Let's go!