Sharing love for code
Sharing love for code

Sharing love for code

Welcome to Giuseppe and Francesco's Dev Academy, the place to learn modern software engineering.

The practice and theory of software engineering

In our Dev Academy you will be able to learn everything there is to know about programming. Our approach is no-nonsense and code-centered: 90% of our materials are hands-on, live-coding sessions. 

All of our courses feature theory and practice. During the theory lessons we show you how things work. During the practice sessions you take action, write code, and then compare with the solutions we discuss in depth.

The Dev Academy is not a code school. It is better. The Dev Academy will teach you programming in practice so that you can become a (better) professional software developer, but we will also take care of strengthening your foundations so that at all times you are in control of what is happening.

The content

The Dev Academy is always under construction. We will constantly add new and exciting courses and materials, ranging from basic programming languages to machine learning. Here are some of our active and planned courses:

Introduction to TypeScript
Introduction to C#

new video every week

Introduction to React
Webdev with ASP.Net
SQL and NoSQL databases
Machine learning

Ready to start?

We hope you will love learning programming as much as we loved crafting our videos. Good luck and have fun!